Nicholas Kersulis

It was formerly believed that if all material things disappeared out of the universe, time and space would be left. According to relativity theory, however, time and space disappear together with the things.

And so in 1921, Albert Einstein explained his theory of relativity with a ‘joke’. It continues to fascinate that words, space, time, and events are inextricable. Art activates events: it conflates our perceptions of the external world with inner shifts in our thinking and our views of history. The image-world (a proposal for an exhibition) takes the concept of the grey scale from photography and brings it into real-life. It fuses together painted abstractions dependent upon variations in tone with photographs: color photographs that represent subject matter that naturally exists within the grey scale, such as a newspaper clipping photographed on a grey wall or a re-photographed black & white print.

stereoscopic greyscale_13 (pictured below) uses a range of colors pulled from a Kodak grey scale card. Ideally, five photographs would be accompanied by five monochrome interventions installed throughout a gallery: blackest black, white, nearly black, nearly white, and a middle grey. Added to these paired monochrome interventions and photographs would be greyscale pendant pairs such as the one pictured and a large scale painting that competes with the architecture.

stereoscopic greyscale_13 2018; acrylic on linen; each canvas 24 × 44”, hung two inches apart one atop the other
locating a medium grey
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