Nicholas Kersulis


The physical framework of circular panels is a wall constructed at a diagonal within the exhibition space. One side of the wall is painted a neutral, pale grey, upon which eleven circular, white Plexiglas panels, themselves painted with multiple gestures of white gesso, spread across from one end to the other. Each circular panel is screwed into the wall through its center—the fastener left visible to denote each panel’s geometric center and the imbalance among and within them, as the center of each gesture shifts from left to right on the x-axis. Studio photographs of the panels are mounted onto thick Plexiglas squares that hang directly on the opposing side of the freestanding wall. The photographs occupy an ambiguous space somewhere between product photography and fine art documentation.

circular panels installed at the Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, Texas, 2008; free standing wall, 8 × 13’ one side painted white, the other grey; gesso on 1/16” plexiglas circles that are 12” diameter; fastener; c-prints mounted onto 3/4” plexiglas panels, each 13” square
circular panels (verso)
circular panels (verso), detail
circular panels (recto)
circular panels (recto), detail
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