Nicholas Kersulis


Deep thanks to Sergio Torres-Torres for years-long discourse about art, philosophy, and life in all its complexity. The development of my work would not have occurred without him.

This website came out of a conversation with Nathan Matteson who understood the abstract concepts and visual thinking behind my work, and a simultaneous understanding of how online media works. Crucial to any translation is a balance between fidelity and transparency. Conversations grew over time as did our ability to build a digital framework that holds fast to the antagonism between the discrete object and the continuous image. Editing texts and images to work well together took far more time than expected!

Peter Lynde, who’s generosity only begins with the photography used in my work and for most of the installation shots used on this site. The nuances in my work depend heavily upon tactile perception. Rather than this being an obstacle, it was seen as a challenge: making it hard to discern authorship at times.

Thanks to Mary Leclère for offering her understanding of my work, conversing about art historical references, and articulating difficult concepts that would have been stumbled over if it were not for her persistence with explanation.